We’re a multinational duo, trained in the arts of journalism and photography. We aren’t mechanically inclined, nor are we outdoor survivalists. But we’re pulling a trailer across the U.S. and camp far from civilization.


We drive (a lot). We explore. We adventure. For us, that means doing anything that gets us out of our comfort zones. This blog is all about doing the things a ‘normal life’ would have never allowed us to do.


Rural America, baby! We aim for NPS units and other public lands, but we’re always happy to encounter obscure gems along the way. Our best friends are smooth interstates, county roads and free campsites.

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Map of the US showing our travel route, NPS units and key numbers
Map of the US showing our travel route, NPS units and key numbers
Portrait of Nina wearing a hat smiling at the camera in the swamps of Florida
The Picture Taker
Nina is the navigator, director and camerawoman. She is also the planner-in-chief, an accountant extraordinaire and harbors a debilitating fear of bears. That said, she is an animal lover (excluding those of an ursine persuasion) and literally squeaks with joy every time she sees a squirrel. She is a wannabe geology nerd, a hopeless Wild West romantic and a true crime junkie. Marcus Mumford once pointed at her at a concert.
A house finch in flight
Nina's Animal Kingdom
Picture gallery
A collection of Nina’s many magical critter encounters.
Chris blowing the seeds of a dandelion at the camera
The Word Smith
Chris is the note taker, writer, editor and copy editor. With an eye for photography rivaling that of the common mole, he is the de facto face of High5Travelers — our resident moderator and model. He is a highly functional adrenaline junkie, bookworm and proud Mainer. In the category, “Things Chris loves that begin with S,” spy novels, shellfish and Swift — as in Taylor — would top the list.
Yellow and rad leaves next to evergreen needles during indian summer in Maine
Nina's Top of the Pops
Picture gallery
A collection of Nina’s best shots.